BLOG A used automobile that price £8,000 in March now fetches £9,000

The lack of latest car provide has driven customers and therefore sellers against used cars.

This has had an obtrusive have an effect on at the provide and insist dynamics that without delay have an effect on used car values.

Around the business, we’re seeing values expanding day by day. That is nice information for stock homeowners who would historically be grimacing at gross sales values in Might, which within the public sale calendar is most often one of the most hardest months of the yr for conversions and costs.

Then again, for the ones patrons urgently searching for to refill their forecourts, the exceptional build up in costs is proving to be an actual problem.

It’s extraordinarily tough to simply accept {that a} car that was once £8,000 in March may just now price £9,000. My concern is that the adage of “what is going up will have to come down” will ring true and seeing as, in some instances, we’ve observed values expanding by means of circa 20%, a balancing per month depreciation degree of five% may just chew, which may have a vital have an effect on on broker car write-downs and next income or losses.

The query is whether or not that is more likely to happen and what’s going to it seem like.


Cliff Deller is a remarketing advisor. This weblog is an extract from a briefing held by means of the VRA this week.