Can a 2010 Mercedes-AMG E63 Beat The 2021 AMG E63 S On A Drag Strip?

The Mercedes E-Elegance is an govt sedan and is obtainable in many alternative trims. The automaker’s efficiency arm, AMG, took it below its wings a few years again and has been tuning it to make it one hell of a rocket at the tarmac. Whilst the most recent fifth-gen AMG E63 S comes with a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8, the 2010 fashion lived by way of the primary ‘no alternative for displacement’. It featured a naturally aspirated V-8 that displaces at 6.2 liters. Purists choose the free-revving N/A engine over turbos any day, however on this case, can it hang a candle towards an 11-year more moderen fashion?

The oldsters at Throttle Area determined to peer how they pass up towards each and every different on a drag strip. Who’re you rooting for?