The Tale of the 1956 Mack Vehicles Arctic Expedition to Construct the DEW Line

11 Mack vehicles, every with a 28-liter V12 Cummins diesel engine below the hood, hauling over 3 million kilos of cement and metal into the freezing Arctic Circle, 1,500 miles clear of civilization.

Sounds somewhat loopy, doesn’t it? However amid the awful Nineteen Fifties, when North The us was once below the specter of a nuclear showdown with the Soviet Union, the West’s resolution was once the so-called Far-off Early Caution Line, or DEW Line, which consisted of 63 manned radar stations about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

And, smartly, development subject material needed to be hauled into the freezing terrain by some means.

So stay studying to determine the tale of the superb 1956 Bulldog Convoy within the Arctic, which concerned 11 Mack vehicles stuffed to the brim, a few bulldozers, and a staff of unbreakable males.