Watch: 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser divulge

UPDATE: The 2022 Land Cruiser has been published. You can read about it and see photos here.

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser is set to be unveiled. Whilst we all know little concerning the LC300 era of Toyota’s giant off-road SUV, we are about to determine. Prior to you get too excited, we do not be expecting this to return to the U.S. any time quickly, however it is the most important automobile for the emblem globally. Watch the arena premiere with us proper right here at 1:30 p.m. Jap, 10:30 a.m. Pacific.

Reportedly, it will use a pair of V6 engines, one a turbodiesel, the opposite a twin-turbo fuel unit, in all probability shared with some Lexus fashions. The latter engine may just produce greater than 400 horsepower. It additionally turns out that Toyota will end sales of the Land Cruiser in the U.S., so we would possibly not see this era in The united states.

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