The place Science Meets the Highway, Starring Tory Belleci, Faye Hadley, and Bisi Ezerioha

Ever wonder whether that loopy automotive leap in the most recent blockbuster motion film is actually imaginable? Or if an ordinary human being may propel the Flintstones cell with not anything however their Chevro-legs? The Motor MythBusters group—Tory Belleci, Faye Hadley, and Bisi Ezerioha—has the similar interest about all issues automotive and are getting down to debunk (or possibly ascertain) all the city legends, viral movies, and pop-culture stunts we adore—the use of actual science. Sound acquainted? It must!

Motor MythBusters—coming best to the MotorTrend App, August 4, 2021—alternatives up the place the Discovery Channel vintage left off, however tackles each and every delusion with a gearhead-minded center of attention and a better have a look at the method—now not best the carnage on the finish. They are nonetheless going to blow stuff up, even though.

MythBusters lined many standard automotive myths and theories over time, however they just scratched the outside. Motor MythBusters is taking that to the following stage via taking you a lot deeper into the science at the back of the explosions and the method of designing and development each and every check. Tory Belleci of MythBusters is again, bringing his experience in putting in the myths, fabrication, and a life-long love of vehicles. His cohosts, Bizi Ezerioha and Faye Hadley, carry simply as a lot hobby for vehicles and their very own distinctive fields of experience in motordom.

City Legends, Customized Automobiles, and Science: Motor MythBusters has all of it!

All the ones pre-scripted, artificial-drama automotive presentations lack something actual gearheads love: an in-depth have a look at the method. We do not care that the alternator goes to be past due or that the provider does not have the fitting colour of chartreuse. We need to see the engine get dropped between the body rails, learn to even out a skim-coat of frame filler, and watch fabricators stack dimes with the tig torch! (That is welding jargon for the uninitiated. )

“Smartly, I am without a doubt now not used to getting paid to DESTROY vehicles!” Faye Hadley

Sure, stuffing a car with a gasoline bomb and standing behind a blast shield while screaming, “all in the pursuit of knowledge!” sounds like a lot of fun, but do you actually get anything from it? Tory, Bisi, and Faye don’t just want to destroy cars, they want to learn something along the way.