Why There’s No AWD Hybrid Maverick—But

Misplaced amid the hoopla surrounding the release of The us’s least expensive hybrid and its simplest pickup truck to boast a complete hybrid powertrain as usual: The 2022 Ford Maverick boasts a wholly new electrical traction motor that’s the first one advanced and manufactured absolutely in-house at Ford. Its shape issue is not extraordinarily other from the motor utilized in the Ford Escape Hybrid, nevertheless it renders the e-CVT transmission a novel new section quantity from that used within the Get away Hybrid. 

So despite the fact that there’s no packaging or technological obstacle to editing the Get away Hybrid AWD style’s e-CVT to deal with the Maverick’s new motor, Ford made up our minds to not chunk off greater than it might bite by means of creating and launching each front- and all-wheel-drive Maverick hybrid variants within the first style yr. Let those that call for AWD spring for the fancier, extra successful 2.0-liter EcoBoost Maverick. Ford can fan the gross sales flames later by means of including an AWD Hybrid model to the lineup. 

What is New With the Motor?

The entire shootin’ fit, truly. Technically talking, the Maverick’s motor is an inside permanent-magnet reluctance design. It puts magnets in V-shaped slots that lend a hand maximize magnetic appeal at some angles and decrease it (maximizing reluctance) in others. That is the kind of motor Tesla employs at the rear of its Style 3 Efficiency and within the Raven setups in Style S and Style X Efficiency and Lengthy Vary fashions. 

The rotor on this new 2022 Ford Maverick motor hides its magnets in double-V slots versus single-Vs within the earlier motor (which nonetheless powers the Get away Hybrid). This design makes use of extra and smaller batteries, and they are all molded in position all over the producing procedure. The former design glued the magnets in after the rotor’s manufacture. The molded-in magnets can tolerate a lot upper rotating pace, and despite the fact that the Maverick does not profit from this capacity, we predict to peer all-new hybrid programs designed to make use of this motor that can certainly achieve this. 

The stator additionally will get an overhaul, switching from round-wire windings to sq. wires that includes “hair pin finish turns.” The most important advantages are that the sq. windings fill the distance extra totally so they may be able to habits extra electrical energy, which is helping build up torque density. The ones hair pin finish turns habits extra warmth for higher, extra environment friendly cooling.

Those apparently minimum adjustments build up the motor’s potency and scale back its mass. The latter receive advantages significantly comprises the mass of copper and increasingly more scarce rare-earth fabrics used within the magnets. The brand new motor is claimed to weigh 20 % not up to the only powering the 2021 Ford Get away Hybrid.

What is the Energy and Torque of the New Maverick Motor?

Output jumps from 88 kW (118 hp) and 149 lb-ft of torque within the 2021 Ford Get away to 98 kW (131 hp) and 173 lb-ft. However the Maverick’s motor energy is in fact pegged at 126 hp for the reason that 2.5-liter engine’s pace is proscribed on this software, such that the engine and motor-generator can simplest muster 94 kW of juice to feed this motor. Now, in the future a PHEV variant may just repair that (stay studying). 

I Heard the Maverick Motor Makes 2,300 Nm of Torque?!

We blame the GMC Hummer for starting this complete axle-torque nonsense, however we will use that ridiculous quantity to determine the Maverick Hybrid’s unpublished direct-drive equipment ratio. Multiplying the traction motor’s 235 Nm torque determine instances the printed 2.91:1 axle ratio offers 684 Nm, so the mounted gearing between the motor and axle will have to be round 3.36:1.

How Does the Battery Evaluate to Different Fords?

The brand new 2022 Ford Mavericks use a 27-kW, 1.1-kWh battery pack that is necessarily the similar as the only used within the present Get away Hybrid. Then again, the battery’s energy supply is tuned somewhat bit another way to fit the pickup truck’s distinctive energy calls for. Ford builds those batteries in Rawsonville, Michigan, simply east of Ann Arbor.

Would possibly There Be a Plug-In Hybrid Maverick At some point?

The 2022 Ford Maverick workforce would quicker stroll on its lips than talk about long term merchandise, however all of the rear ground of the hybrid Maverick is reasonably upper than within the EcoBoost fashions (which is why there may be an inch much less legroom again there), even if the wee 1.1-kWh battery simplest consumes the passenger facet. The PHEV battery will require all sides, so believe the Maverick “package deal safe” for PHEV. Certain, 90-plus mpg-e could be great, however Ford’s Pro Power Onboard might be an excellent larger promoting function.